With its tall skyscrapers and vibrant neon lights, Tokyo is a vibrant cosmopolitan city that lies at the vanguard of the world’s economic, technological, and cultural development. But behind its futuristic exterior lies a city that refuses to lose touch with its roots. In every busy street, sometimes hidden amongst the trendy fashion and commercial districts, can be found iconic landmarks and luxurious locations from a city that promises endless entertainment possibilities, and an intense experience that its visitors will never forget.

For shopping aficionados, Tokyo has everything they could ever want, and then some. Whether it’s buying the latest state of the art gadgets in Shibuya, exploring Asakusa’s exquisite traditional Japanese crafts, or updating their wardrobe with the latest fashion trends in Harajuku, the city is full of stores and exclusive boutiques ready to meet their shopping needs.

Culinary options are also abundant through the city’s streets. Tokyo is full of classy restaurants, most of them concentrated around the busy center of the city, where diners can enjoy some of the best cuisines in the world with the special attention to details and customer satisfaction for which Japanese people are famous. And for those who prefer a slower rhythm, Tokyo’s alleys are full of quaint restaurants and bars where they can enjoy succulents meals far from the bustling crowds.

For those looking an escape to nature, Tokyo’s many parks and gardens are a safe haven where every urban refugee has a place to fall back to. Shinjuku Gyoen, Ueno Koean, and the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace are just some of Tokyo’s most well-known green oasis, where visitors can relax and marvel amongst the beautifully designed Japanese landscapes.

But if green parks and gardens weren’t enough, Tokyo’s Buddhist temples and monasteries give visitors the chance to get in touch with their spiritual side, while also enjoying the stunning beauty of Japanese religious architecture.

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