The largest archipelago in the world, Indonesia is a tropical paradise running along the equator for thousands of kilometers with over 17,000 islands. Wonderful Indonesia defies definition and it is the breathtaking natural settings and incredible cultural diversity that fascinates and ultimately woos travelers looking for priceless, unforgettable memories.

Luxury travelers seeking a vacation experience that goes beyond gourmet food and spectacular stays discover the wonder of adventure in Indonesia. A mesmerizing melting pot of ethnicity, Indonesia, with its 300 languages and influences from Europe to China, defies definition. One of the most populous countries in the world and the largest country in Southeast Asia, Indonesia resonates with a rich and colorful culture and is a sensory feast that excites and entices with a special quality that is authentic, spiritual, and unique.

With some of the world’s most stunning beaches, with sublimely soft sands, and gorgeously blue waters, Indonesia’s true riches lie in its stunning natural beauty. Indonesia has more tropical forests than any other country in the world, bar one, and the landscapes range from glorious mountains to jungles, rivers and lakes, and valleys.

The scope of life, culture, and natural biodiversity in Indonesia is simply spectacular and travelers can enjoy an ever-changing journey that never ceases to inspire and engage. Away from the verdant lands of Indonesia, the waters promise world-class diving and surfing experiences and a wonderful array of marine life and coral reefs that are nothing short of awe-inspiring.

The economic spirit of Indonesia has been rising for several years too and the luxury traveler is extremely well looked after with a fine array of villas, hotels, and resorts. There are also plenty of fine-dining eateries, amazing expeditions, and visitor attractions. Indonesia is undoubtedly a destination that captures the heart and imagination of luxury travelers.

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